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Brians Ambs Reviews ZING DYNASTY Sichuan Habanero

Chilehead Brian Ambs reviews our newest sauce, a noir homage to NYC’s Chinatown, and he still cannot say the word “...

BoisNHeat Review Zing Dynasty Sichuan Habanero

The BoisNHeat give their fiery take on our newest sauce — a noir homage to NYC’s Chinatown. Shop ZING DYNASTY™ Sichu...

ZING DYNASTY: A Noir Homage to a Neighborhood filled with Zest beyond Generations of Time

In the heart of New York City, there’s a neighborhood that beats with the vibrant pulse of centuries-old history and ...

Hot Sauce Mike Reviews ZING Dynasty Sichuan Habanero

Hot Sauce Mike from Jungle Jim’s International Market reviews our latest hot sauce and first of the “Gotham Collecti...

Bayou Bourré: When Crawfish Cravings Come to a Boiling Point

There are two things that I’ve never “gotten used to” after leaving my native Louisiana and moving to New York City t...

Ruby Rebelle: A Risqué Rendezvous

For over three centuries, New Orleans has reigned as an international port of virtue and vice... of sinners and saints... harmonizing to an indulgent jazz riff celebration of deficiency and excess.

Flambeau Fiya: Light Up The Nite

Long before the electrical spectacle of modern Mardi Gras parades, generations of torchbearers have lit the way for revelers lost in the dark.

Juju Guru: A Fiery Conversation with Dr. John the Nite Tripper

In 2007, I saw New Orleans legend and Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame inductee, the late Mac Rebennack, affectionately known worldwide as “Dr. John the Nite Tripper” perform at B.B. Kings in NYC. This was not long after Hurricane Katrina devastated our hometown, and he sure had a lot to say about it on stage that night.

A Spicy Shout Out on "Food For Thought": RotoGrinders NFL First Look Pod w/ Luuch & Chief

Justin Carlucci and Will Priester hang out each week to talk food, fun, and a first look towards this week’s NFL Sun...

WINNER! 2021 Screaming Mi Mi Awards “Best Label Design”

The 2021 NYC Hot Sauce Expo was a great success. We didn’t get to vend this year, but our Ruby Rebelle Bourbon Cayenn...

Number Six with Cheese dubs RUBY REBELLE “Louisiana’s BEST Everyday Sauce!”

Sean Ely and Corey Wagner of Chicago-based comedy duo “Number Six with Cheese” showcase their dysfunctional friendshi...

The Jay Ducote Show; Season 2, Episode 161

Scotty Peppers dropped by The Jay Ducote Show at Talk 107.3 FM in Baton Rouge, LA to talk all things hot sauce and #h...
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