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Kickstart Your Taste Buds: Bayou Gotham Hot Sauce Heats Up

(New Orleans, Louisiana, December 9, 2019) Scott Bellina, President and Sauce Boss of Scotty Peppers Hot Sauce Co. LLC, is kickstarting an exquisite product line of handcrafted hot sauces as BAYOU GOTHAM® HOT SAUCE.

The four uniquely named Bayou Gotham® Hot Sauces including, “Bayou Bourré,” “Juju Guru,” “Ruby Rebelle,” and “Flambeau Fiya,” will heat up January 6th, 2020, the 1st day of Carnival Season in New Orleans, in a Kickstarter campaign to raise $25,000.

Bellina invites all who want to “spice up” their palate with the heritage-inspired hot sauces celebrating “Louisiana Zest with New York City Zing” to join the Bayou Gotham® Hot Sauce journey kickoff at https://bayougotham.com/kickstarter on January 6th, 2020.

Bellina states, “Many people love spicy food, but not all love ‘hot sauce’ which, historically-speaking, has been very one-dimensional in function and flavor. I aim to change the way people spice up their dishes, so I take an unconventional approach in creating my hot sauce recipes. Using ingredients not found in traditional hot sauces, Bayou Gotham® Hot Sauce pays homage to the ‘heat and soul’ of the two places I call home, New Orleans, and New York City. For example, my ‘Bayou Bourré’ sauce captures the zesty essence of a Louisiana crawfish boil, but as a condiment. It’s like a Cajun fais do-do in your mouth! Bayou Gotham® Hot Sauces deliver fiery flavors with flamboyant style — appealing to heat seekers and newbies alike.”

The four Bayou Gotham® Hot Sauce flavors include:

BAYOU BOURRÉ® — Louisiana Boil Hot Sauce

Bayou Bourré® is a first-to-market hot sauce that captures the essence of a Cajun crawfish boil with all the fixin’s: fiery zest from cayenne and crab boil… along with garlic, onions, celery, citrus, red potatoes, and yellow corn. Bayou Bourré® is great on seafood, boiled or fried, fantastic on chicken, pizza, and burgers too. Bellina hails this sauce will get your tongue dancing with what he describes as, “a spicy fais do-do in every dash.”

JUJU GURU — Tropic Jalapeño Green Sauce

Juju Guru came about through a desitively bonnaroo conversation about ‘green’ hot sauce with the late New Orleans music legend Dr. John. It features a mildly wild elixir of green jalapeños blended with fresh pineapple and tropic tones of mojo magic. Juju Guru is delicious on eggs, sandwiches, tacos, pizza, burritos, and more. As the Nite Tripper hisself might say, “You can put it on everythin’… dis, dat or d’udda.”

RUBY REBELLE® — Bourbon Cayenne Hot

Ruby Rebelle® is a defiant twist on classic Louisiana-style hot sauces that are made from red peppers, salt, and vinegar. This saucy la roux celebrates New Orleans’ Storyville days by adding a shot of barrel-aged bourbon to the mix — enhancing the piquant flavors of the peppers, which Bellina notes is “hot ‘n’ dangerous, just like New Orleans.”

FLAMBEAU FIYA — Caribbean Creole Hot Sauce

“Our Mardi Gras celebration owes a lot to its Caribbean influences, so Flambeau Fiya is a sweet heat Caribbean-style hot sauce that honors The Flambeaux — one of the oldest Carnival traditions in New Orleans,” says Bellina. Absolutely exquisite with pork and rice dishes, seafood, chicken, and salads, Flambeau Fiya is a fiery dance of scotch bonnet and cayenne peppers paired with exotic island “flare”.

Bayou Gotham® Hot Sauces vary in types of peppers, superfoods, and exotic ingredients which are blended together as a tribute to heritage and cuisines found in Louisiana and New York City. Honoring these international and culinary melting pots, the hot sauces ultimately showcase spicy recipe pairings from across the globe. The sauces are low in sodium, gluten free, vegan, keto friendly, calorie free, cholesterol free, and fat free, using natural ingredients with no preservatives.

Bellina comes from a hardworking and persevering lineage of immigrant farmers, humble grocers, and determined hot sauce makers in South Louisiana. Bayou Gotham® came out of his knack for creating ways to get back to his New Orleans roots, literally and figuratively, while championing the pride he has for his adopted home of New York City. Bellina combines his ‘Bayou’ heritage with his ‘Gotham’ experiences to create a new hot sauce concept showcasing his deep passion for Creole cooking, the global flavors of New York City, and his Louisiana hot sauce legacy.

For more information on Bayou Gotham® Hot Sauces please visit, https://bayougotham.com. To join and support Bayou Gotham’s Kickstarter campaign, starting January 6th, 2020, go to https://bayougotham.com/kickstarter. To join the Bayou Gotham® email list, easily sign-up at https://bayougotham.com. To contact Scott Bellina email scotty@bayougotham.com.

For Press Interviews/ Media Inquiries:

Contact Karen Gaupp-Wozniak, karen@inkandair.biz 225-933-5712

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