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Bayou Gotham® Launch & Kickstarter Rewards Update

Thank you all for riding out this long journey. We’re nearing the finish line, but the real work for Bayou Gotham® has only just begun. That’s the point of "Kickstarter", right? Now that you’ve kicked us into high gear, it’s time for you to get sauced!

Two weeks ago, Christy and I drove down to Florida to oversee our first production run. We rented an SUV, packed it with 1200 bottles (100 cases) hot off the line, and then hauled ’em across eleven state lines... all the way back to NYC. Check out my previous update to see a fun video of the manufacturing run.

During our drive back, we stopped in St. Augustine, Florida. Not only is America’s oldest city the home of “The Fountain of Youth”, it’s also home to Florida’s oldest hot sauce shop, Hot Stuff Sauces. We stopped by to meet the owners, and they liked us so much they bought three cases — our first retail partner!


After a wonderful hard-working trip, and a long drive home, we made it back safe and sound. Behold the current situation in our apartment...

But wait, there’s so much more. Another 516 cases of Bayou Gotham® hot sauce arrived at our fulfillment center in Miami on Friday morning. That's over two-and-a-half tons of Bayou Gotham® Hot Sauce. That is what we all accomplished, so I cannot wait for you to get your rewards.

Our custom 4-Pack and 2-Pack shipping boxes will arrive at the facility on Tuesday. The fulfillment team will need a couple of weeks to receive everything into their system, and then they will begin “kitting” the 4-pack and 2-pack orders. Everything seems to be running smoothly, and I anticipate your orders of hot sauce will begin shipping out around September 8th (possibly sooner). Meanwhile, to maximize Sales Opportunities for our new company, make sure to tell your friends and families that we’re now taking pre-orders on our website as we get closer and closer to launch.

Thank you all for your continued support and making this dream a reality! We are so very grateful.

Keep it Spicy,
~Scotty Peppers 

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