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Bayou Gotham Juju Guru Hot Sauce
Tropic Jalapeño Green Hot Sauce
Juju Guru Hot Sauce Nutrition Facts
JUJU GURU Tropic Jalapeño
Best Verde Sauce for Tacos
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JUJU GURU Tropic Jalapeño

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Juju Guru, alchemist of righteous rhythm and funky flavor, conjures voodoo spells ‘n’ hoodoo saints to charm us all like some kinda soothsayin’ soul shaker. 


JUJU GURU ™ is a wildly mild elixir of green jalapeños, fresh pineapple and citrus tones of mojo magic. Funkify gumbos, tacos, pizzas, and prawns — or just keep it close by as a lucky bottle of green gris gris for wardin’ off the evil spirits.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Brian DeLillo


Connor campbell
Best Hot Sauce Ever

I just wanted to say, thank you for the work of art called Juju Guru. It is by far one of the best hot sauces I have ever tried. Even though it’s light heat, it packs a punch with the flavor. You can literally put it on anything. It means a lot of me saying this too considering how I have tried hundreds of other hot sauces. Ruby Rebelle is my second favorite. But to be quite frank, I could almost live off of Juju Guru. It is so good in fact that you don’t even really need food, you can practically drink it.

Judson Krosney
Jalapeno Love

Love this Jalapeno based sauce. It has the perfect level of kick and flavor. I just put it on my breakfast wrap this morning.....

Pepper Pete
Briny and bursting with flavor

This light green sauce smells of fruits, grass, and just a little citrus. The first bite appears salty but bright, like sea water. The grassy notes take center stage for a while, with ripe jalapeño and garlic taking the lead. Orange juice, lime, and lemon juice combine with vinegar for a very zesty finish. Think of an oyster with a spritz of lemon. This sauce is very mild, but bursting with flavor. It is fantastic on fresh and grilled vegetables, rice dishes, and chicken. If you love oysters, definitely drop some Juju Guru on them for a real treat!

Keith Brooks
Mardi Gras in Your Mouth

This is really flavorful. If you like jalapeno peppers, this is the way to go... This is really good stuff... you got yourself Mardi Gras in your mouth! This, bar none, is good sauce. [Heat-wise] If you want 3 1/2 to 4, this is what you want. If you like mild to spicy, this right here is good stuff. If you like jalapeños you can't go wrong!


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